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MAVERIC Trial of the ARTO System Encompasses Four Continents and 15 Centres of Excellence

The MAVERIC (MitrAl ValvE RepaIr Clinical) trial program is a prospective, single arm group of studies evaluating the safety and performance of the ARTO System in patients with congestive heart failure associated with mitral regurgitation.

"The ARTO System is a unique solution to treating FMR. The device is safe, the procedure is simple, and the benefit to the patient is almost immediate."

- Simon Redwood, MB, BS, MD, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist and Professor of Interventional Cardiology, St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK

MAVERIC Trial Design

Primary Endpoint

  1. Major Adverse Event rate* to 30 days
  2. Reduction of > 1 MR Grade mitral regurgitation at 30 days
  3. Acute Technical Success (MVARC Definition)
* death, stroke, MI, cardiac tamponade, device-related cardiac surgery, and renal failure.

Secondary Outcome Measures

  1. MAE Rate & MR reduction at 6 Months, 1, 2 and 3 years
  2. NYHA Class
  3. Six Minute Walk Test
  4. Quality of Life

Key Inclusion Criteria

  1. Refused for MV surgery
  2. NYHA Class II-IV of any etiology
  3. Symptomatic with MR grade ≥ 2+


Immediate and Long-Term Maintained Results

31 patients enrolled in the MAVERIC Trial provide evidence that treatment with the ARTO System results in meaningful, immediate and long term MR reduction.

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"Ten years ago, I had a heart attack and was treated with a stent. When my condition worsened, I was offered this operation, which made me feel much better. These days, I exercise with my hunting dog: I cycle and he follows me. He is very strong, so have to keep up. And I do!"

- E.L., MAVERIC Trial patient, Latvia